Admin Console v1.0 (+ Fast Bouncer)

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Admin Console v1.0 (+ Fast Bouncer)

Postby ChiNa » Sat Dec 29, 2012 9:40 pm

Image Admin Console v1.0 (With Fast Bouncer)

2 Diffrent Version, Normal Version + VIP Version, With a Cool Mouse-over (Shine effect)!

The VIP of the versions is published on our forum CCheats VIP Sections and, since its a fully dedication to Imfiles & Locohacker has been the source of my latest projects, and a big help..

Short Youtube Video


Admin Console v1.0

Admin Console Options:
Red Dot
Normal Bounce (Bounce with option to send a complain)
Fast Bounce (Bounce with a single click (No complain option)
Remove Mics
Give Mics
Remove Hands

Visual & Graphic Options
Tooltip (Explains what each button does + Title)
Cool Mouse-over (Shine effect on button-hover)
Extra Button - (Paltalks Admin Console)

Download also available in the Attachments!

Special Thanks To: Locohacker & Imfiles for the support

Ps, I asked for advice from our developers on, but I kinda failed to finish the job at the end! But I promise that will be put in my next version! I will have to thank, String, Autopilot, Chike and Twiza for their support durring the last week!
Admin Console v1.0.rar
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