Visiting Dutchplace Rules

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Visiting Dutchplace Rules

Postby amirca » Sat Nov 24, 2007 1:02 am

Visiting Dutchplace Rules

There seems to be a little problem with the rules lately, so this is now a Global Topic. You can no longer say, "I didn't see the rules." Because they're at the top of EVERY PAGE!

Hacking & Cracking : does not endorse such activities as Hacking & Cracking! DO NOT POST ANY INFORMATION OR QUESTIONS ON THESE TOPICS! This is not a Hacking or a Crack Site! The posting of any material or information relating to hacking is prohibited! This includes cracked programs and key generators. This is not a warez forum, so don't treat it like one!

Stolen Nicknames: does not endorse such activities as stealing! Therefore the posting of, or even asking for ANY KIND of nickname that is stolen is prohibited!

Pornography: does not endorse Pornography! This is not a Porn site! The posting of any material or information relating to Pornography is prohibited!

Foul Language:

Foul language or language that may be considered offensive in any way is prohibited at Any posts containing this will be subject to editing or even deletion! This rule also applies to your nickname at Any nicknames containing any kind of foul or offensive language will be subject to editing or deletion!


Spam is prohibited at And the posting of spamming programs or related information is prohibited!


Pasting from other forums:

We allow articles from other forums or sources to be pasted here on our forums. However, you must include a link to where it was originally posted. If you don't it could be considered copyright infringement, a matter that is not taken lightly.

Copying from this forum:

We allow copying from this forum and pasting onto another forum or site under one condition; You absolutely must put a link to the topic in which you copied it from on this forum. If you don't, this could be considered copyright infringement and will take the appropriate actions needed.

Fighting Posts:

Posts containing arguing or debating (Fighting Posts) are prohibited at Any posts containing this will be subject to editing or even deletion!

Bringing Up Old Topics:

If you bring up an old topic months and have nothing useful to post in that topic, it will be locked, no exceptions. If you feel it was unjustly locked, read the next section on Locked Topics.

Locked Topics:

The Moderators have the right to lock any topic that they deem worthy of locking. If your topic gets locked, don't make a new topic about the same thing and don't make a new topic bitching about your old topic getting locked. If you object to a post being locked, use the Report button on your locked topic and it will be marked for review.

Posting Questions:

Language and grammar:

If you're posting a question on here, please make sure it's legible and written in proper English. This is an English only forum and only English is accepted. We're not asking for perfect punctuation or spelling just as long as we can read it.

Use common sense:

Before asking a question, you should first check three places.

Google - If it's a general question about your computer, chances are you'll find an answer faster on Google than on here. - This section is small for now, but we're expanding it as we go along. You should still check this section, as it is updated often. search - Most questions have been answered before. Just remember, if you find your answer here or you find a topic about your question, check the date before posting to make sure you're not bringing up an old topic.


Be sure to include as much information as humanly possible when asking a question. If you say something like, "I NEED HELP!" then we can't know what it is that you want. Topics that don't include enough information are subject to being locked and/or deleted by an admin or mod with or without notice.

Too many offenses of the above may result in a ban.

One-word Posts:

Any post containing one word such as "lol" or another useless word will be deleted. If you make a one-word post, but you're answering the person's question, we'll accept it. Otherwise, it will be deleted and you risk a ban.

Problems with users:

If you have a problem with a user on the forums here, then use the Report button on that user's post that is in question. If you have a problem with a moderator, then PM an admins and they'll personally take care of the problem.

Important Note

Keep in mind that administrators have the power to ban any user they feel fit.

Also remember that moderators have the power to remove/lock posts that they feel need to be removed/locked.

Final Words:

The staff at would like to thank all their users for complying with our Rules. You make our jobs easier and you also help yourself by getting quicker answers to your problems and questions.

The admins would like to thank all the moderators who help keep the forums running smooth. Without you guys, we'd be another one of those "un-civilized" forums that are over populating the internet.
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