Plz Read (No Cracks & No Hacks)

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Plz Read (No Cracks & No Hacks)

Postby ChiNa » Fri May 11, 2012 11:31 am

( Rules) Read this befor moving on the the next step:

Line 5 or 5, Hacking & Cracking : does not endorse such activities as Hacking & Cracking! DO NOT POST ANY INFORMATION OR QUESTIONS ON THESE TOPICS! This is not a Hacking or a Crack Site! The posting of any material or information relating to hacking is prohibited! This includes cracked programs and key generators. This is not a warez forum, so don't treat it like one!


Topic Starts Here:

Today a member of posted something about "KoolText Crack"!
It truelly pissed me off................. As big as it says in ChiNa-Cheats Rules (No Hacking - No Gaming - No Cracking).....

Stop posting any cracks from our friends or collegues websites & forums.
Not only posting it, but if your the one cracking the software, you will be in deep trouble in the forums which supports KoolText website and their work..............

Here is my opinion;
As moderator on dutchplace and friend of the forum, and i am sure Pacman will agree on this topic, and
all the board members... STOP CRAKING THE SOFTWARES that these people is living of, and they work hard to get what they deserve, a true hardwoking recognition! It means you are breaking the forum rules, and cracking our friends softwares and your breaking any other software rule!


Below is the desciption for KoolText support site and etc.

Did you know how much work it takes to build these softwares?
Did you know that its illegal to post any cracks on dutchplace?
Did you know that the following forums Im-Integrations, Dutchplace, Imfiles and ChiNa-Cheats are
supporting KoolText website!

Did you know where the KoolText is published from?
Here is some help, Its on frontpage

Programmer: NVYE
Program: KoolText


The Word KooText on means thats its a supported website!
And I will delete any Crack posted on Dutchplace or on my forum
Here in Dutchplace, Im-Integrations, Im-Files & ChiNa-Cheats we supports hard working forums, and they deserve to know what we do support their hard work, if you agree with me, please help us stop cracking our own softwares.... Thanks for reading.. I had no time, but I will edit this thread, It just mad me very angry, and had to post it fast...

By ChiNa-Man (No Hacking, No Gaming, No Cracking)
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