Hide My IP (Unban & IP Changing By Browser) Life-Time Use

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Hide My IP (Unban & IP Changing By Browser) Life-Time Use

Postby ChiNa » Thu Sep 27, 2012 8:16 pm

Hide My IP (Free Trial For Life - Trick)

Hi everyone. In this tutorial you will see how to get it as a FREE TRIALfor LIFE TIME! You wont get the software as Premium But you can use the Free Trial as many times you want, and as long as you need it! Let me make one thing clear because the full credit goes to Alien4240x for the Time Resetter! Configured by China-Man!

For people using Paltalk, this is very good for unban yourself using Paltalk Express or your browser for any kind of unbaning! It might be very slow using Paltalk Express, but working! You need a Premium for a faster connection!

Credit goes to Alien4240x for his amazing Time-Resetter!



Install NET.Framework 4.0 To make this work.

Then Download the ZIP file below the post, and EXTRACT all the files to a FOLDER on your deskop, or where you want it!

1: Now Install the Program, by clicking on the file called HideMyIp (exe) ! After installation is done, DO NOT START YOUR PC! Simply double click and RUN or START the HIDE MY IP to get the INFO and KEYS registered in your REGISTRY + SYSTEM! When I mean run, its when you click on "Continue Trial or Start Trial"!

2: Now close and exit the HIDE MY IP Program, and lets go to our registry to see if they key is registered.. Go to START, and in the search field type "REGEDIT" and click ENTER!

3: No click on HKEY_CURRENT_USER, and SOFTWARE and locate the folder HIDE MY IP! Click a single time on it...

4: Now on you right side a TABLE showes up, find the table or line where it says "key", and RIGHT CLICK on it, and choose DELETE! (Delete it)

5: Now go back to you ZIP FILE, and extract all the files to a folder! It depends on what system you are using!

If you dont know about your Windows is a 32 or 64 Bit, then go to step 6, but if you know your system, then jump directly to STEP 7!

6:CLICK ON START, and on your right find COMPUTER, now RIGHT CLICK on COMPUTER and choose PROPERTIES!

Now in the new page, look and find "SYSTEM TYPE"! There it should say if your windows is a "32-Bit Operating System" or 64!

7: Now open the Zip file that you downloaded, and Extract the file called Hide my IP 5.2 Reset Time x32.exe + Hide my IP 5.2 Reset Time x64.exe to a folder, and double CLICK on one of the files that fits your SYSTEM!

8: Now a BOX showes up with different options, on your right click on SEARCH and simply LOCATE or FIND the HIDE MY IP folder, and find the file called Hide My IP.exe which is the RUN-FILE and click on it, and now in the BOX click on the button saying Install Date and then click on the START button!

Now wait for the HIDE MY IP to start, and when it starts, click on "Start Trial" or "Continue Trial" and then click on CLOSE button to close the Time-Resetter software!

NOW you are good to go, and you have a free HIDE MY IP VERSION for life!

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?74ajcrmf2e622qk


By ChiNa-Man

Credits to ALIEN4042x for the "Time Resetter" software!
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