Paltalk Multi - Caught With TROJAN

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Paltalk Multi - Caught With TROJAN

Postby ChiNa » Sat Nov 17, 2012 4:23 am

Paltalk Multi Finally - Exposed

=========== Multi (1) Build 474 ==========

This Paltalk Multi Build 474 was found on this site:

Look at the ICON on the RIGHT - Look out for that

Caught with 6 Viruses, 4 Of them Trojans!

Here is a TEST SCAN:

=========== Multi (2) Build 474 ==========

Another Multi Build 474 Posted on our forum

Look at the ICON on the RIGHT - Look out for that

Caught with 2 Viruses, 1 of them TROJAN_GEN!

Here is a TEST SCAN:

========= Original Paltalk Build 474 =========

Ok do you know what makes developers like mad on the other hand also sad?
Is that I have made so many INSTALLERS, and PACKED so many files and softwares in my life.. And I never caught 1 infected file in my 10 years of making INSTALLERS and PACKING FILES with the people i know! And whats more sad, is that I have tested PALTALK for years, I never caught any VIRUS in the installers.. I TESTED PALTALK BUILD 474 10 mins ago, HERE IS THE RESULTs BELOW...............


THE IMAGE ABOVE IS PALTALK BUILD 474 - ORIGINAL! This was downloaded from http://www.PALTALK.COM 10 mins ago! And as you can see it was tested first time 1 Days + 3 Hours ago..

ZERO INFECTIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a TEST SCAN:]

[color=#FF0000]=========== WAKE UP CALL ==========


Look at the image on top, and the ICONS.. These are the 2 the ICONS attached to each Installer, so look out for these 2 Installers!

I HAVE ALSO NOTICED that ONE of the INSTALLERS are using Paltalk.DarkBBs ICONS, and I dont think PALTALK DARKBB has anything to do with these CRACKS!

The people who are doing this, they are trying to put DARKBB out of work, or make them look bad! They maybe want to put the BLAME on others.... So be clever


We do not wanna see any MULTI with even affected with 1% on Dutchplace, or on our forum china-Cheats... The user will be banned, and software removed.

I think everyone forgot about how dangerouse People are playing now today.. EVEN WORSE THAN BEFOR. The reason I started to test these version was because lately I have friends who's nicknames have been stolen, and credit cards stolen! WHY??? Because they use these cracks! And the version on China-Cheats have been posted for weeks now! But I had a chance to test them first now, because I did not suspect it!

Regards ChiNa-Man
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