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Paltalk X - Profile Tool

Postby ChiNa » Sat Mar 16, 2013 2:54 am

Paltalk X - Profile Tool

New Update 01-DEC-2013.

Paltalk recently changed their Webpage by changing the Recieved Virtual Gifts Folder, so our Program was not able to show the Virtual Gifts befor. But its fixed now and Visible Again. Plus We have released 2 Versions. One a Round Looking Version and a Normal Version. Plus 2 New Options to Get User ID inside a Message Box and Visit User Profiles directly.


Now with 243 Country Flags showing users and their Country Flags Directly

Notice: 80% of the Info Provided by X-Profile Tool cannot be found anywhere on Paltalk or Paltalk Webpages. And thats what makes this Tool so Unique!

About X - Profile Tool

Remember: Your Internet Connection playes a BIG ROLE, because this is not a WebBrowser Tool! A webbrowser will save all the IMAGES and COOKIES on your computer, while this thing will GRAB the IMAGES as it is with your Internet Connection!

Please Notice: When you search for a PROFILE, then WAIT for it to LOAD! It can take time as I said again, All depends on your Internet Connection!

Difference Between VIP & Normal Version:

The X - Profile Normal Versions comes with a Light Theme but is 2 times heavier than the VIP Versions! The VIP Version has Fast loading and amazing Platform to work on!

1) The Normal Version v1.0
2) Dark Theme & Dark Photo Frames
2) Dark Theme & Rounded Photo Frames, Incl, Guest Book and Friends Profile Pictures

Both Versions has full Slide Control Options (Left Slide/ Right Slide) It Includes a Button to Browser for More Pictures and Recieved Gifts to browser Images and Gifts.. full than VIP Versions!

Watch Video Description, Released Today 16th of March
Paltalk X - Profile (VIP Version)

Complete Screenshot of VIP Versions

X - Profile Tool (When Empty)

X - Profile Tool (When Loaded)

Mini Profile Page (When Loaded)

Guest Book (When Loaded)

Visit to get the VIP Versions,If you cant wait 4 weeks for the Official Publish!

------------------------- Official Release Below ------------------------

The Version Below Released 15th March 2013 for Public

Paltalk X - Profile Tool

X - Profile Tool (Empty Loaded)

X - Profile (When Loaded)

Mini Profile (Became Larger than expected)

Guest Book Section (When Loaded)

Basic Member Info

    VIP Status
    Star Count
    Profile Made
    Looking For
    User ID
    Video Count
    Photo Count
    Account Creation Date
    Check Friends

Manual Controls & Special Abilities

    Ability to see Friends Profile Pictures
    Ability to see all Profile Pictures (Photo Slide (Left & Right))
    Ability to browse all Profile Images
    Abiity to See all recived gifts (Photo Slide (Left & Right)
    Ability to browse all recieved Gifts
    Ability to Visit Friends Profiile Page
    Ability to See Guest Book Users
    Abiity to Get GuestBook Messages in POPUP
    Ability to Read GuestBook Messages as ListView
    Ability to See (Members) Featured Room (As Member, Admin, Super Admin)
    Ability to See Users ALL Favorits in a List

Extra Profile Secrets (We have a lot more to come in Next Version)

    Last Profile Update
    Star Rating Added (1 to 5 Stars, Same as in Paltalk)
    Profile Rating in Percent
    Days Since Profile Was Updated
    GuestBook Access / Friendns & Total
    If User Is Banned from Paltalk
    Profile Warnings
    Featured On Paltalk
    Display if Friend Request Sent
    Display If Profile Viewed

Now 243 Country Flags added in the New Version! Enjoy

Download Below from the Attachments!

Developed by ChiNa-Man & Co for our Friends & Forums

Extra Credits:

Special Thanks:
Paltalk X-Profile Tool (Rounded).zip
(370.55 KiB) Downloaded 434 times
Paltalk X-Profile Tool (Normal).zip
(369.77 KiB) Downloaded 347 times
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Re: Paltalk X - Profile Tool

Postby close2u » Sat Mar 16, 2013 1:56 pm

great tool Big thanks man...

i wish u guys can make a password cracker tool for black nick names/ rooms
a tool that figure out a password by randomly searching given passwords like 12345, or 102030

I'm not looking for their names, but their room k_u
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Re: Paltalk X - Profile Tool

Postby ChiNa » Sun Mar 17, 2013 12:17 am

New Update for X-Profile Tool: Now 235 Country Flags Added

@I would think the idea is cool, but I think we both have friends in Paltalk that uses the same kinda password! And I def dont want that to happen to any of my friends! Or Innocent people! So I say Pass!
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