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Postby Big BoSs » Tue May 11, 2010 8:22 pm


Websie :-


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- new in 2.6.7 Voice properties support for Windows Vista and Windows 7

- new in 2.6.7 Voice chat Room Owner can also give super admins rights on the fly to any user and super admins can create more junior admins

- new in 2.6.7 Voice chat room Admin panel is enhanced, Now it includes option to manage Super Admins, Junior Admins, Ban Lists, Dot Lists.

- new in 2.6.5 Every user now have a Documents Folder on server which can be accessed from main menu as "MyServerDocuments". Users can keep up to 5 MB of documents in their server folder. All file communication with MyServerDocument Folder is fully RSA encrypted

- new in 2.6.5 Several bugs are fixed

- new in 2.6.4 Only addition in this version is few arcade games which you can play and compete for high score with other executiveim users. Games are integrated with IM and is first step to multiplayer gaming

- new in 2.6.3 Voice chat room admins can turn on Auto RedDot for new room members

- new in 2.6.3 Several bugs are fixed for All 3 voice modes. Group and Aggresive voice modes are now more stable

- new in 2.6.2 RSA Encrypted one to one calls are available again

- new in 2.6.1 Voice chat room owner can make admins on the fly

- new in 2.6.1 Voice chat room owner can open his voice chat room directly from the menu option

- new in 2.6.1 Smileys window no longer lockup the room window

- new No More Virtual Machines and debuggers :)

- new Custom emote icons are now also available in private messages

- new Custom emote icons size is limited to 40k, icons larger then 40k will be skipped automatically

- new Any crafted packet/command will trigger a permanent machine ban

- new Voice chat room admins can select Animated background images for their room as well as they can use any online image as custom room background image

- new Now users can use their own custom emote icons. In emote icons window there is a new tab "custom". There click on + button and add any online gif/jpeg as custom icon.
- new Every public/private voice chat room can be switched in real time to any of 3 Voice Modes.

(1) Decent: In this voice mode no one can take mic unless the user on mic leave the mic or its mic is removed by a room admin . All G rated rooms will have this mode by default but room admin can switch mode in real time.

(2)Aggressive: Any user with a high speed network and better nick weight can jump on mic. By default R rated rooms will have this mode enabled but room admin can switch mode anytime in realtime

(3)Group: In this voice mode every user can take mic, When a new user grab the mic, the existing user on mic is automatically removed. This mode can be switched by admin of room in realtime.

- new (Generalized Voice libraries to adopt any 3rd party commercial voice compression codec very easily.

- new Generalized Voice libraries to adopt any 3rd party commercial voice compression codec very easily.
- new Added support for Microsoft GSM and DSP True Speech Audio Compression codecs. Now you can choose the compression codec as well as bitrate for your public voice chat rooms and voice calls to match your room user's internet connection speed.

- new Multiple simultaneous speakers are activated in server architecture, however only demo/testing rooms are open so far with this mode.

- RSA public/private key pair based encrypted instant messaging

- Fully Multiplex Architecture allow you to join multiple voice chat rooms, start multiple voice calls and speak and listen in all those rooms and calls simultaneously without muting any of them.

- Buddy Identity verification using RSA public keys

- Delivery confirmation indicators for every single line you send in Private message or in a public chat room

- Encrypted File transfers
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