Beta Testers Wanted!

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Beta Testers Wanted!

Postby Pa36OjHuK » Sun Sep 08, 2013 11:01 am

Here at Paltalk HQ in NYC we have an amazing in-house QA team who consume copious amounts of coffee and bash away on new versions to find and swat bugs before we release to the public.

However, there are many thousands of PC hardware/software configurations and we simply cannot simulate them all in our QA lab.

That’s where YOU come in. We are assembling a crack squad of beta testers comprised of Paltalk power users to help us with finding bugs, testing new content and features before release, and providing candid feedback. While it may sound fun (it is) it can also be demanding… so read on to see if this is something for you.

What we are looking for from a Paltalk beta tester:

You are an experienced Paltalk user who knows the software inside-out.
Strong communication skills in English (our QA team need to interact with you).
An understanding that a beta is not the polished article and may crash now and then.
Ability to follow instructions and execute tasks when needed by the Paltalk team.
Can dedicate some time each day to test the software.
You have a working PC and internet connection (Duh).

Active beta testers who provide great feedback and find new bugs will receive rewards at the discretion of our QA team leader, this could be anything from a Paltalk cap, to virtual credits, or subscriptions.

To apply to be part of the beta team, please fire off an email to: and be sure to include the following information

1. Your Paltalk Nickname.
2. Your location (Country).
3. FULL PC info (windows OS, Webcam type etc)
4. A Paragraph telling us why you think you would add value to this team :)

Please compose the email carefully, any missing or incomplete information will result in the application being rejected.

If successful, we’ll get back to you within the next week and look forward to having you on board.

Please remember that this is a closed beta with extremely limited placement, so we cannot guarantee that everyone will receive a response.

-Paltalk Team

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paltalk need our help :D
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